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Almighty House

The money worshipper Wan Jincheng runs a mysterious master house in Las Vegas. Legend has it that he possesses the psychic scepter of the Indian family from ancient times and has the ability to control the heart. Financial giant Shang Guanjing found Wan Jincheng and entrusted him to rescue Shen Xiaoyu, a daughter of the upstart who was under house arrest by the upstart Dong Geqiu. After Wan Jincheng rescued Shen Xiaoyu, he found that this rich lady was actually a wonderful girl and suffered from severe difficulty in choosing. The two accidentally triggered the soul scepter in the process of entanglement to lead to soul exchange. The difference in identity and experience has caused Wan Jincheng and Shen Xiaoying to look down on each other. However, in the process of adapting to each others body, the two slowly removed the disguise and touched the others heart. Although there were a lot of laughter during the period, the two were secretly in love. Just as Shen Xiaoyu realized that he began to like Wanjinjin, Wan Jincheng was kidnapped by the mysterious woman Lucy. Xiaoxuan decided to be alone and in danger, and rescued the tied Wan Jincheng and Shangguanjing from Dong Geqiu. At the crucial moment, Guan Jing and Lucy appeared. It turned out that all of them were traps of Shangguanjing. He always planned to greet Xiaoyan and annex Xiaoyis family property; and to seize the soul scepter and take control of the human heart. Shangguanjing threatened Xiaofan with Wanjincheng, but he had no choice but to pretend to be controlled by Shangguanjing and toughly give up Wanjincheng. After experiencing the inner suffering, Wan Jincheng finally realized that true love is far more important than money. He decided to take back Xiaoxiao when he was married. After a lot of wits and wits, when Shangguan Jing was mad and wanted to shoot at Wan Jincheng, Jin Cheng Xiaoyi once again joined forces to trigger the soul scepter and successfully purify the dark face personality of Shangguanjing. Some lovers will eventually become dependents, and the two will re-operate in the master house

Genres: Action | Comedy | Romance | Sci-Fi




Movie: Almighty House

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Release: 2019

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